So Happy you made it here!

Hi, I'm Kita! I'm a visual storyteller and your personal hype man!


I'm a Maryland based individual, couples, and wedding photographer. I started my journey into photography in 2019, right after having my 2nd baby! Shortly after grabbing my first camera, I found my passion for weddings, and self-love portraits. I'm a "love" loving girl, what can I say! There's just something about being able to capture those moments that really mean the most to you.

Since starting this journey I have: Joined the military, left the military, had another baby (Yep, that makes 3 of them), and have had a million life changing experiences, and my love for photography has always stuck around!

My goal is to give you photos that you can feel... Photos that you can look back on and will take you back to that exact moment.. Photos you can truly cherish for a lifetime.

P.S. When I say I am your personal hype man, I really mean it! I will ensure that you feel absolutely amazing and comfortable in front of my lens! I'm even known to get down on the dance floor with you and your guests during your big day! :p